September 16, 2019
 In 2019-Abuse by Peacekeepers, mud1

During the Arab Spring of 2011, the Gaddafi government of Libya was thrown out of power by the end of the year. This new government held power for 2 years until instability struck again and sparked a second, and still ongoing civil war. The United Nations intervened with a “no fly zone” over the nation during the first civil war, and NATO with allies assisted the anti-Gaddafi forces with air support. The UN intervene in the second civil war with resolution 2174, which called for an immediate ceasefire and peace talks, it eventually fell apart and the civil war continued. 


 Bulgaria voted in favor of both of the previously mentioned proposals. Bulgaria has also voted in favor of intervening for the sake of human rights during the Yugoslav wars. Bulgaria also assisted NATO forces during the 2011 libyan conflict and we have also assisted NATO in other conflicts. We would likely assist NATO in a possible intervention. Bulgaria has a past of refusing refugees, especially ones from islamic majority nations like Libya. 


Bulgaria wishes for nothing but for peace within Libya to be the outcome of this council, and our plan reflects this. Bulgaria proposes a 3 step plan to help alleviate the situation in Libya. First, we suggest the movement of medical and other essential supplies into the nation. Second, we suggest another cease fire, enforced with the help of the Security Council. Third, it would facilitate negotiations between the warring parties with the hope that this will bring the conflict to a permanent close. 

  • Benjamin Grantonic

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