September 16, 2019
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            The International drug trade has affected poorer countries, especially in Africa, due to dealers using countries like ours as a hub due to less security and the presence of authority. In 2014,  authorities found nearly 300kg of cocaine which led to our government taking action. A 2011 study found Dakar had more than 1,300 drug users, with an HIV infection rate of more than 9 percent.  Like many other countries in West Africa, Senegal has harsh punishments for any conviction of the possession of drugs. Our position on the legalization is clear: we will not be open to any drug legalization to corrupt our society already plagued with corruption, poverty and ethnic conflict. We will only be open to a resolution that supports our right to keep all drugs that have no medical use banned. Our sentiments are shared with other nations in West Africa and the rest of our continent. Having a society of addicts would only let us become more in debt and use more of our resources to build rehab programs and buildings. As for countering the international drug ring, the nation of Senegal will be open for a resolution that cracks down harsher on any organized drug trades, in addition to online websites in the dark web that offer such services. We recognize that the world is becoming more digital by the day and that dealers will utilize the anonymity of the internet to trade drugs, so it should be on us and other like-minded nations to adapt and overcome. We have already increased our punishment form 10-20 years of hard labor for drug trafficking, and urge our neighboring African nations and others to implement harsher punishments to counter the international trade of drugs. We have already seen in Mexico and Latin America when these cartels become powerful, and essentially take over the nation. Senegal does not and cannot handle another major dilemma.


  • Tahaa Munir

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