September 16, 2019
 In 2019-Abuse by Peacekeepers, mud1

The nation of Senegal does not support the HoR nor the GNC, and wishes for the conflict in Libya to end, as it comes to the expense of millions of civilians living within and outside of Libya. The bloody history of this civil war happened after the Arab Spring, where Ghaddafi was killed and the HoR was established. The GNC essentially split up from the HoR, as they were more hardline and were opposed to Ghaddafi’s more secular rule. They wanted the establishment of Islamic, or Sharia as the law of the land. Thse 2 opposing sides, along with the presence of ISIS in Libya, has resulted in a war with no clear resolution. The Torbuck led government and the GNA which is recognized by the UN, should be split into 2 separate states: East and West Libya, to not cause more conflict. It is already been shown that these 2 factions cannot coexist and work together, so it must be done for the sake of the millions of displaced civilians who just want to come home and have a opportunity in life that was tragically taken away from them. Senegal has no personal stake in this war, and would just like for there to be less of a conflict that could potentially come to our doorstep. For the best interest of our nation and other nations, we must put an end to this.

  • Tahaa Munir