September 16, 2019
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Throughout the world private military contractors have abused their power, taken advantage of what they are allowed to do. While there are advantages to the use of private military, we feel as though the recurring problems need to be addressed by the United Nations as a whole. As PMCs develop within nations, the nations become more reliant on the resources and services that PMCs provide in times of war. Therefore, PMCs are able to undermine the government, and begin to prosper when they cause the nation to go to war. 

India recognizes that this cycle is one that leads to too much power in the hands of these contractors and is one that needs to be put into check. India looks forward to working with other countries to address the concerns with these contractors and is willing to take any steps towards eradicating the corruption that these corporations have brought along with them. While we believe that contractors can play a significant role in the success of the building of a nation’s military, we feel as though they should not replace the military power altogether.


We feel as though we should be a strong example of how to conduct on military matters and should be replicated if equal success is wanted. Currently, the nation of India has no official PMCs which has not hindered our success in war in the slightest. While many may argue that the removal or regulation of these contractors is a hindrance to their success as a nation, we feel as though the denial of corruption is what is clouding their vision.

  • Joey Mooney