September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade


Carly Krupp


The illicit arms trade plagues conflict across the globe. With the ability to conceal small and dangerous weapons, the risk of crime, armed conflict, and violence rises rapidly. Small arms and light weapons are easily imported into countries and lead to deaths of innocent lives, and war. Cuba wishes to eradicate illicit arms trafficking because of the danger is poses on the country. Cuba has enacted the Penal Code which states manufacturing, stockpiling, and trading illegal arms is a crime and will lead to severe consequences if not abided by. Important elements that should be considered when it comes to the illicit arms trade would be the country’s past in regards to violence and crime. Along with this, the poverty in each country is vital to examine, as well. Countries that have a past of crime may be more likely to import and stockpile arms for means of defense within their military arsenal. Poverty is also a key factor because is can be associated with crime, exclusion, and inequality.


As stated previously, the Penal Code of Cuba has tried to prevent illicit arms trafficking and create a positive impact, however there is still smuggling within the country. A solution that all countries can abide by would be to improve and expand border security among all nations. With this, it would limit the amount of illicit arms that cross the border and reduce the imports per country. Among this, looking at the lower class and seeking ways to fulfill their needs could defer them from resorting to violence and the need for self-defense. It is shown that those in poverty are linked to buy small arms because of the social and material deprivations they face. Finally, countries including the United States and China produce large amounts of arms, earning thousands of millions of dollars each year. The export to import ratio of guns is fairly equal in China with the exporting being slightly larger. The production of these small arms and light weapons being mass produced should cease or, at least, slow down to prevent further conflicts and threat within countries across the globe.

  • Carly Krupp

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