September 16, 2019
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Bella Centilli, Mattawan High School


SPECPOL: International Drug Trade


The international drug trade is an issue that has not gone away, and one that has only grown.   Though countries have met to discuss import and export regulation, smuggling prevention, and restrictions on manufacturing drugs, and a treaty was developed from the Hague Conference that set a precedent for the following years, it was not very effective.  The number of drugs controlled has risen, but so has the demand for these drugs. It really comes down to questions such as at what point should the government intervene in the drug process? Should the focus be on supply or demand reduction or both? How can countries work together to stop the production, trafficking, and sale without violating one’s national sovereignty?


Kenya has become one of the biggest drug trafficking hubs in the world.  Its poorly monitored coast makes it easy for drugs to be smuggled into the country.  Once in Kenya, they then choose where to send them, greatly adding to the spreading of heroin, cocaine, and other narcotics.  Because this is growing more and more common in the country, drugs such as heroin are now cheap, making it easier for everyone to buy them.  Since so many people are trying hard drugs, the health of Kenyans is suffering severely. As well as the normal effects of the drugs, they also contract AIDS or hepatitis C because they don’t take precautions.  In order for this to stop, better laws need to be put in place that have a real impact.


Since the Kenyan coast is poorly monitored, if we get more people guarding it, it will decrease the number of drugs smuggled into the country.  This would then help to lower the number of drugs in circulation, leading to healthier Kenyans.


  • Bella Centilli

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