September 16, 2019
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Bella Centilli, Mattawan High School




Since Muammar Gaddafi fell from power, Libya has been more unstable than ever.  Two competing governments are fighting for control over the country, causing little to get done because of the constant arguing.  Because of the civil wars and political unrest, citizens are left without basics such as water, electricity, and healthcare. They are being caught in the crossfire due to their government’s lack of stability and security, which is not fair.   To resolve the issue of the competing governments and achieve long-lasting peace, an agreement must be made that compromises with both sides. 


After Gaddafi died, Kenya recognized the National Transitional Council as Libya’s government.  Shortly after, the NTC dissolved and gave their power to the General National Congress. The relationship between Kenya and Libya is rocky because of the conflict between the HoR and GNC.  Though the bond between the two countries was growing for a while, it has been announced that Kenya will close its embassy in Tripoli, however, Libya still has an embassy in Nairobi. Whether the relationship between Kenya and Libya will expand or contract remains unknown and is dependent upon how the issue of their government will be resolved. 


Kenya would like to help protect the citizens of Libya and, to do that, we must resolve the issue of the conflicting governments.  Kenya believes that the UN should recognize the GNC as the true government of Libya, and discuss how to ensure peace in this unstable country. 


  • Bella Centilli

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