September 16, 2019
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Renewable energy is an alternative and replenishable energy that is derived from sources like the sun, rivers, wind, hot springs, tides, and biomass. The use of renewable energy is essential as it makes use of energy that cannot be depleted and causes little harm, unlike fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are abundant and cheap and have been circulated throughout the globe for ages, yet they pose a terrible threat to our climate if we continue to burn them for energy. Despite this threat, many underdeveloped countries are left unable to implement the safer energy, for fossil fuels are a finite and cheap source and they simply don’t have the funds to switch. Such is the case for countries like Nigeria.


Renewable energy is in the developmental phase for Nigeria with our only renewable source being hydro power and biomass. We only have the ability to supply about half of the population of 198 million people due to lack of funding, so implementing more sources of renewable energy may be a heavy burden. Although the current amount is bare, Nigeria has still been gradually pushing for more advances in wind and solar energy. In 2003, the Nigerian Government introduced renewable energy as part of its National Energy Policy. A Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP) pushes Nigeria to achieve many goals in the development and implementation of renewable energy sources. Almost 35 percent of rural residents are left frustrated by the abundance of sun energy left to waste, but if given ample funding and efforts, then the REMP can be executed and the excess sun can be utilized.


Nigeria hopes for a way to make use of the plethora of unused renewable resources in undeveloped countries. In order to be able to implement these sources instead of fossil fuels, these countries are in dire need for funding. As a proposal, cooperation between higher developed countries is a must. With the funds from wealthier countries to support organizations like the Renewable Association of Nigeria (REAN) having more environmentally safe electricity will be a reality.   

  • Makena Bodzianowski