September 16, 2019
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Committee: Security Council

Topic: Situation in Sudan

Country: The United Kingdom

Delegate: Will Lacey, Mattawan High School


The situation in Sudan is obviously less than ideal. Dealing with this issue will take a very light and careful touch, ideally with minimal further intervention. However, the massacre by the TMC and the displacement of those in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile region show that we cannot back off completely in order to ensure the safety of the Sudanese people and the establishment of a stable and just government.


The UK is happy to support the Sudanese people and the transitional government, and is pleased to see Sudan taking steps towards a democratic government. We also approve of the agreements made between the TMC and FFC, and hope they can continue to maintain diplomatic relations while working through these tense times. We will continue to provide assistance during this period as long as Sudan stays on track, and encourage. However, the domestic clashes and requests for removal of peacekeepers are tricky issues. Any significant intervention in the conflicts may destabilize the transitional government due to their requests for the withdrawal of UN forces, while leaving it be may result in larger-scale conflicts that could also destabilize the government. The UK believes that intervention is a necessity, but we must first negotiate with the Sudanese officials instead of forcing it upon such a volatile and fragile government.

  • William Lacey

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