September 16, 2019
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DATE: 12-11-2019


FROM: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

SUBJECT: Access to Water


Reliable access to clean, fresh, drinking water is one of the most important natural resources a nation can have.  Fresh water is not only necessary from human hydration, but also for bathing, and more importantly, agriculture and farming require copious amounts of water to grow crops and livestock to feed and fuel a nation’s economy.  Water access however, does not come easy with every nation. Many nations in dryer parts of the world, like the Middle East, have difficulty providing water for their nation due to scarcity or lack of readily available resources.  Our nation believes It is a basic necessity for a person to have reliable and safe access to clean fresh water. Nations lacking access to fresh water often suffer from development issues in part due to this lack of basic resources.  Lacking in clean water will also lead to a host of health hazards and issues, Diseases like cholera arise from unclean drinking water.

Which nations are suffering the most lacking in fresh water access? In which ways, and how severe is it affecting these nations?  When securing funding for possible water development projects in nations lacking proper water access, which or who would be the best way to attain reliable funding for the project. Are utilizing existing or new NGOs r reliable system for helping nations who lack access to water to  gain more access to this extremely important resource? Is transporting water by ship or addition to provide a relief for citizens living in an affected area a reliable source or effective way of short term water access achievement? What can larger, more developed nations do to help with attaining greater water access in the world? Likewise, what can smaller, less developed nations do to aid with water access. Whether in their own country or another.  

A good resolution would be  that highlights the extreme importance of water to modern society and modern economies.  It should highlight the vast, and major importance of secure and reliable water access in both the public and private sector.  Any resolution should also include acknowledge mean of the great importance of water access in both architecture and livestock farming, but also in many widely used industrial processes, and industrial functions or operations.  A resolution our nation would like to see is one that discusses the importance of NGOs in the issues of water accessibility in less developed nations, as well as the use and importance of local governments when facing the prospect of clean water. A good resolution would cite the cause of lack of water accessibility, whether it being georgarpic, or a man made issue.  The revolution should also list some of the best solution on the most efficent, and effective way to alleviate lack of water accessibility across the globe. 


SInce this issue has been plaguing various different nations through the history of our world, many projects and ideas have been presented to help solve this major crisis.  In middle eastern nations such as audia arabia and israel, they have development technology to solve their lack of fresh water access. One of the major ways they have done this is by harvesting fresh water from saltwater by using machines that remove the salt from saltwater to turn it into usable freshwater.  While this industry is costly to both build and maintain, it has been proven to be a reliable source of water accessibility in nations who lack such a resource. 


All in all, water access is one of the most important resources a nation can have during its development, and throughout its lifetime.  Our societies and economies need clean, fresh water to function properly. I hope at the conference our nation will work hard and diligently to ensure that not only our people have access to safe, clean drinking water, but that people across the globe will have it for years to come. 


  • Aaron Purrenhage

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