September 16, 2019
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DISEC– Private Military Contractors

Mattawan High School


Private Military Contractors (PMCs), private company providing armed combat or security services for financial gain, have increased in relevance greatly over the last century.  Abuses of these companies has become a major talking point in the global community, and their role in the security of nations is often questioned.  In Iraq specifically, it has been found that many of these companies have been abusing the power they have, having been accused of torturing foes and shooting civilians.  PMCs play an important role in some nations, but for developing countries, having a stable national military should be more important.  

Kenya has increased the number of PMCs in the nation to protect the general public and businesses, almost having 2,000 companies.  Kenya would look favorably upon a treaty to ensure that these companies are using their power correctly, and maintaining their business in an appropriate way to maximize national security while not sacrificing the morality of the nation.

Kenya supports treaties that would require PMCs to undergo proper training and to monitor the actions of these companies.  While they play an increasingly important role in the national defense of Kenya, Kenya believes it is of utmost importance to make sure each member of these corporations are fit to serve.  Kenya plans on continuing the usage of PMCs to ensure crime is combatted, but is willing to work with other countries to ensure that these companies do not go unregulated.


  • Klay Kelley

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