September 16, 2019
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          As one of the United Nationals Developmental Programme’s core donors, Italy is committed to developing a proper resolution that fosters cooperation in a topic that affects the entire globe. Italy has always been a victim of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and more. For that reason, we recognize the significance of creating a universal system for disaster risk management. We have shown such efforts by establishing the African center for sustainability in Rome that tackles topics like climate change, clean water, and food security. Yet natural disasters do not pertain to a single country, they affect our world which is why we need an international effort for change. 

         In the past, the United Nations had written and passed a few plans that reference disaster risk management. The Paris Agreement sought to maintain the global temperature to reduce the risk for Climate Change. The Sendai Framework shifted the focus from Disaster risk relief to disaster risk management. By identifying the roots and causes of natural disasters, it becomes easier to develop a plan that prevents natural disasters from happening rather than diminishing the impacts of natural disasters after they happen. 

There are many solutions that could be proposed in any new resolution. For example, researching new technology and sustainability efforts in order to de-escalate environmental damages from high carbon dioxide emissions, or toxification of water, and more and more. More than just research, the whole committee should form a resolution that allows communication between countries in time of environmental disaster to be easier and faster. There should be a universal emergency relief plan or even fund that focuses on aiding countries dealing with damages specifically from natural disasters. 

  • Rajaa Alhamd

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