September 16, 2019
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          The eradication of Poverty has been one of Italy’s prime concerns since 1999. In times of need, Italy has been a supporter of underdeveloped and poorer nations in Africa and the Middle East. We truly believe that economic development ties with social development. Therefore the more financially secure a nation is, the societal state of the nation improves. This also works vice versa. Improvements in society also result in improvements in the economy.

          There are many solutions that Italy will propose to tackle poverty. One of the most important ones is peace-keeping and the prevention of conflict. Resources of many underdeveloped countries get wasted on arms and militarization rather than focusing on providing relief or public work projects. For that reason, there should be cooperation between the United Nations Developmental Programme, DISEC, and Spec pol. Italy also has proposed a governmental bill that cancels the foreign debt of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations. Italy, so, urges willing nations to follow suit and excuse foreign debt of countries in need. In the long-term, this will strengthen that country to spending resources fighting poverty. Rather than just having money for poverty, Governments need to be properly allocating that money. There needs to be transparency and cooperation between countries in need and their donors. Furthermore, it would be a great initiative to use NGOs that use the money to provide services for governments in need rather than providing money straight to these governments. There is so much to be discussed and considered that Italy is much looking forward to co-operating with others to figure out a cohesive resolution.

  • Rajaa Alhamd