September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade

Union of Myanmar

Shiva Rajan

Forest Hills Eastern 


The pervasiveness of the illicit arms trade threatens mankind. Every year, 535 thousand lives are lost due to the United Nations’ inaction. Half a decade has passed since the last UN treaty —the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Aimed at regulating conventional arms, the ATT aims to limit the illicit arms trade globally. Consisting of mainly small arms and light weapons (SA/LW) the arms trade has brought great amounts of destruction to innocent lives. During this committee, the UN Disarmament & International Security Committee must radically shift their perspective. Previous treaties have not been effective and most nations have not taken steps toward fixing this crisis. 


Myanmar is part of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN countries believe towards complete destruction of elimination of all weapons, and would like sufficient attention internationally. ASEAN also notes that it has completed its implementation of the Programme of Action to control and combat the illicit arms trade. ASEAN believes that an uncontrolled spread of small arms can lead to a destabilized global security.  The ASEAN chiefs of police is attempting to enhance control over small arms.Myanmar also supported this crisis by signing the Arms Trade Treaty. 


This committee should protect this sovereignty by eliminating small and illicit arms. Although the Arms Trade Treaty did help, many nations did not take steps towards fixing the crisis, but Myanmar does respect the nations that have taken steps toward this issue. Small arms lead to the loss of innocent lives, and Myanmar believes it should be controlled. Small and Illicit arms affects Myanmar and other nations as well, so the Disarmament & International Security Committee and the United Nations need to resolve this crisis.


  • Shiva Rajan

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