September 16, 2019
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Conner Nagel, Mattawan Highschool


The World Health Organization: Infant and Child Nutrition

Nutrition is a serious issue in third world countries like many in Africa. Ineffective hospitals in these nations along with diseases leads to a high child mortality rate. 1 in 9 children on the African Continent die before the age of five for reasons such as poor nutrition and health standards. These saddening statistics are attributed to these countries economies and poverty rates. Good Nutritional sentences are needed for developing countries to keep their populations steady.

Children under five expect to face malnutrition in our country as our levels of nutritional balance are off of the expected standard. While Seychelles is far more progressed than many other african nations, our position can be described as a request for food in the country supplied by the United Nations. Otherwise our children may not grow to continue Seychellian economics and we may decline in that way. If our economy goes under, so will that of others around us as we will not be able to support their needs.

We are willing to work with any nations that will help african nations like ourselves become even more progressive in our nutritional practices

  • Connor Nagel

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