September 16, 2019
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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been observing the current political crisis occurring in the country of Libya.  Each crisis that they have encountered on their road to independence has been littered with the remnants of western powers. The civil wars and the elections that follow have all been countered with opposition from the western powers.  The influences on Libya are not only a violation of the nation’s sovereignty but threaten all other nations in the region.

The Glorious Republic believes that the autonomy of Libya is just as important as its own.  Their sovereignty cannot exist with the influences and pressures from the outside world seeping in through its borders. The DPRK does agree with most nations in the sense that Libya needs to become stable in order to be considered a sovereign nation. We strongly believe that the model for this type of development is similar to that of Egypt, a sovereign nation recognized stable despite the influences of the “Arab Spring”, which  has strong western support. In addition to stability, Libya must have a leader who is willing to sacrifice and suffer for the betterment of the country similar to that of our Supreme Leader. The DPRK has benefited greatly from the sacrifices our Supreme Leader has taken on our behalf. We cannot continue to move forward as Korea without the leadership we have. It is imperative that strong leadership be promoted alongside stability within the nation of Libya, for the two go hand in hand.  


The action that is recommended by The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is for the United Nations not to condemn the strong leadership that does exist in Libya. Rather, the committee should be fostering the idea of helping create an environment of stability around that leader, as that, as well as the disenfranchisement of the leadership of Libya, has ultimately led to the nation’s downfall. The DPRK has always been a beacon for strength and stability, and watching Libya attempt to achieve that only to be bullied and abused by western powers has been saddening. The delegate wishes to see that culture diminish in the coming committee session, as the United Nations is about supporting and allowing for the success of all nations to occur, not to suppress the weak and kick them while they’re down. 

  • Olivia Jackson

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