September 16, 2019
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Republic of Estonia

Special Political Committee(SPECOL): International Drug Trade


International Drug Trade has been an ongoing problem for a number of countries. From the article ‘Global drugs trade ‘as strong as ever’ as fight fails’ on the CNBC website “According to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and European crime-fighting agency Europol, the annual global drugs trade is worth around $435 billion a year, with the annual cocaine trade worth $84 billion.”  Which makes the illegal act of drug trading higher in recent years than ever before. Later in the article is also states “drugs account for 50 percent of international organized crime income.” With theses illegal actions happening within every country it is hard to track where it’s coming from and going to.

Estonia has been seizing cannabis more than any other drug within our country.  As well, our police force has been tracking more around the borders.  The INTERPOL website states “The INTERPOL NCB  for Estonia is a part of the Intelligence Management Bureau, a unit of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. It is staffed by 60 police and civilian crime specialists and plays a central role in preventing the country and surrounding region from serving international organized crime.” Which is just one way that Estonia has been taken into action for regulating the Drug Trade. 

With our country bordering Russia and Latvia and sharing the Baltic Sea with Finland and Sweden, the ways of smuggling are endless.  In recent years, in the Europen Drug report shows that Sweden has higher rates of Number of cannabis resin seizures than any other Eastern countries in Europe. Which leads us to believe that most of the imports are coming across the sea. 

We have two plans of actions going through Estonia for the International Drug Trade(also known as the Illicit Drug Policy).  The first course is The National Health Plan 2009-20; It’s purpose is to seek reduction and prevention of the consumption of both narcotic substances and social as well the health damage inflicted by drug use. This plan is overseen by our Minister of Social Affairs and holds overall responsibility. AS the other one is  The White Paper on Drug Prevention Police. This was adopted on January 2014. The White Paper on Drug Prevention Police elaborates on our Illicit Drug Trade policy. Which both are followed by the European Union. 

  • Ava Wilberding

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