September 16, 2019
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Committee: Security Council

Topic: Situation in Sudan
Country: Poland


Since the removal of al-Bashir in April, the country of Sudan’s military government was tasked with creating a transitional government to reroute the country for the next three years until its security could allow for government to be restored. Just several days ago, the military council failed to set up this new government, straining its ties with nations involved in its well-being, especially with this being the second extension after the peace deal was signed. As a large producer of oil prior to the economic recession in 2011, the leading cause of the political crisis, Sudan suffered greatly in international trade. Terrorist groups currently have a strong hold in Sudan, making any sort of reform difficult, as their control prevents outreach into many areas in the country. Sudan has already tried to solve this problem, specifically asking the United States for their removal from the terrorism list, and the countries are currently in negotiations.


It’s easy to say that the solution to this issue would have to be multi-faceted, able to attack the social, political, and economic crises caused by the recent removal of al-Bashir and the recession. The hard part is creating this said solution. Poland has already cooperated with Sudan on several issues, including migration and agro-processing and even signing an agreement in March of 2016. Due to these past relationships, Poland would like to see the quickest restoration to Sudan’s state of peace and prosperity. The use of economic assistance, such as relaxation of controls on their foreign trade. Poland fully backs the removal of Sudan from the USA state sponsored terrorism list, as its position there prevents it from recieving funding from both the IMF and World Bank, along with ineligibility for debt relief. The beginning of saving Sudan is in economy. Along with these steps, Poland would like to see stabilization on a local level in Sudan, possibly with the use of peacekeepers. Finally, Poland would like to stress the importance of a solution in Sudan that would help to further stabilization in the whole of northern Africa.

  • Jane Swartz

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