September 16, 2019
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Poverty is ubiquitous in all nations regardless of their economic development. The root causes of poverty are not only lack of access to basic necessities of life like water, food, shelter, education, or healthcare but also inequities, including gender or ethnic discrimination, poor governance, conflict, exploitation, and domestic violence. These inequities not only lead a person or a society into poverty but can also restrict access to social services that could help people overcome poverty. the world is making huge strides in overcoming global poverty. Since 1990, a quarter of the world has risen out of extreme poverty. Now, less than 10 percent of the world lives in extreme poverty, surviving on $1.90 a day or less. The United Nations hopes to end extreme poverty for all people everywhere and at least cut in half the proportion of people living in poverty by 2030; however, progress towards this goal has decelerated. 


China acknowledges the unpleasant problem that is poverty. Our president, Xi Jinping, has set a goal to eradicate poverty in our nation before 2020. While this goal has not been met yet, we have made significant strides towards it. At the end of 2014, China had 70.17 million people in the countryside living below the country’s poverty line of 2,300 yuan ($376). According to Liu Yongfu, the director of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, annual incomes suggested that the number living in poverty in rural areas has fallen from 98.9 million in 2013 to 43.35 million last year. To ensure Jinping’s goal, we have taken measures to develop industries such as tourism and e-commerce to help our villagers find jobs after occupational training. People who live in geologically hazardous areas prone to earthquakes or landslides, or are based in remote areas, are being relocated to safer areas. We have taken actions that emphasize on ensuring children get basic education or occupational training to prevent poverty from passing down the generations to break the poverty cycle. Our government has developed public health services in poor areas since medical bills are a frequent cause of families falling into poverty. The elderly and infirm will be eligible for social security payments.


China strongly urges nations to prioritize solving this global pandemic. China is aware that each nation has its own unique and specific problems and recommends the creation of an independent body that oversees specific nations’ needs and combats poverty. China is appalled by the lack of basic rights people in some countries possess and encourages nations to treat their citizens well. China further suggests nations seeking aid from the UN report progress reports to the independent body to fix any recurring problems.


  • Vipul Adusumilli

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