September 16, 2019
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Country: Côte D’ivoire

Committee: Security Council

Topic: Situation in Sudan

Delegate: Jasmine Jacobs

School: Kalamazoo Central High School


The situation in Sudan is a huge issue one that we can’t not take lightly. They have little to none economic stability as well as mase political tension throughout their country. Thousands of people are dying and the government is in shambles. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) is refusing to give up power over the government and disagrees with converting their government into a civilian government.

The African Union held a meeting to suspend the Republic of Sudan of all African Union activities until the government becomes a civilian-led Transitional Authority.The  United Nations created a Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) to bring peace and security. The United Nations is doing all it can to help ease the country’s political tension and convert the government to a civilian led authority.


As much as we deeply sympathizes with Sudan we can’t put our self in the risky, dangerous and expensive situation of providing support to them. We wholeheartedly believe that Sudan is a capable country and in due time will have made great strides towards its citizens safety and security.


  • Jasmine Jacobs

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