September 16, 2019
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Maxwell Burnham Côte D’Ivoire

Kalamazoo Central High School                                            DISEC: Private Military Contractors


As a representative for the country of Côte D’Ivoire, we believe that Private Military Contractors (PMC) do more harm than good for the world. These PMC’s are mainly hired by western new world countries as protection. But the misuse of these PMC’s have been very noticeable and infamous in the past. PMC’s actively disrupt the peace within developing territories with just their presence alone. Côte D’Ivoire believes that these PMCs should be held accountable for their actions while in other countries.

            In order to end the high PMC influence, the minister of foreign affairs for Côte D’Ivoire tried to accede to the 1977 Organization of African Unity convention to end the presence of these mercenaries within Africa. There have also been multiple cases of these PMCs trying to overthrow legitimate, democratic governments.


          Côte D’Ivoire is not alone in wanting to remove PMCs from developing countries. Developing country Poland had come out as a co-founder of the Montreux Document,which addresses the illegal usage of PMCs that directly violate international law. With the presence of PMCs within eastern countries, it is in the belief of the people of Cote D’Ivoire that these Mercenaries leave our country. The pure strength and power that PMCs hold over the people must be put to an end.


  • Maxwell Burnham