September 16, 2019
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The issue of the use of private military contractors is not a small one. With the trend of an increasing number of PMCs seen there are many pros and cons. Some of the negatives would be there are many of the PMCs tend to use methods that are not within the rules/ laws of war. And with this their have been cases of PMCs performing torture and sexual assault. Many of the private military contractors are hired by different countries’ governments, so if illegal actions are taken this could be seen as the government responsibilities. A pro towards this are that many PMCs are in place to do jobs such as security in places where there are not the resources to have a military presence. With PMCs, even though many of them are paid by governments, they can work outside of the borders of their countries politics which could be helpful in many cases. 


Italy sees PMCs as a positive thing in some cases. For example PMCs are employed when other options are not available for use in the case of maritime protection. Italy would be in support of a revolution that includes more guidelines for what PMCs can do and used for, and or includes a resolution to any of the issues mentioned above. 

  • Devin Smith

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