September 16, 2019
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Indonesia recognizes the need for peacekeeping forces in countries.  Further Indonesia recognizes that abuse by peacekeeping forces has been a problem likely since the UN started.  With over 2,000 reported cases of abuse, the problem needs addressing. Peacekeepers, a group that should help, and do good, has become one that abuses power and hurts the people they should be protecting.  Though the problem is complex Indonesia believes that the United Nations Security Council can handle it in a way that respects countries sovereignty. The UN must implement more oversight on the peacekeeping forces and stricter regulations as well.  Further, the United Nations must make the process to report an incident less of a burden on the victim. Finally, the United Nations, should work with countries to determine what they believe to be the proper way to punish any peacekeepers found of these heinous acts.  The UN must respect the country’s laws and right to sovereignty. With these changes implemented Indonesia believes that the peacekeeping forces can once again do the good they were intended to do. We must work tirelessly to restore the faith of countries in the United Nations Peacekeepers.  If a country can’t trust those that are supposed to help, how can they help?       

  • JD Lancaster

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