September 16, 2019
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The situation in Sudan is very unfortunate, and not one that Indonesia would wish on any region.  Indonesia believes that in order for the UN to help Sudan succeed, we must work with the government to suit their needs.  That is, we must work with a government that represents the people of Sudan, only then can we faithfully help Sudan. Indonesia echoes France in saying that the UN must respect the wishes of Sudan to have Peacekeeping forces out by 2020, and that the UN should lift all sanctions on Sudan in order to promote free trade.  Indonesia hopes the Security Council can work with Sudan in order to find a solution that works for Sudan, and respects their sovereignty, while also helping the people of Sudan thrive. The UN should focus on lifting sanctions and economic aid in order to establish a democratic election. This should ensure a government run by the people of Sudan. 

  • JD Lancaster

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