September 16, 2019
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Ebola is a disease that has recently been in the spotlight for it’s danger to our society. Many have gotten sick, but not too much has happened in Hungary. Hungary believes that Ebola is a problem that could be fixed in another nation. Although there are ways to reduce the chances of death, no real cure has been found. In 2014-16, there have been 28,652 cases reported and 11,325 deaths. As we go on, that number only seems to be increasing. Hungary would like to support any upcoming plans to deal with this epidemic.

Hungary has been experimenting with Ebola which has recently caused an exposure to the disease. In 2018, we had a laboratory worker who had an accidental exposure to this disease. The employee got sent an experimental vaccine and other ways of treatment from the World Health Organization.  We have good medical programs that could hopefully help the spread of Ebola slow down or even stop.

Hungary believes that the UN could help with citizens being aware of the disease and help out in funding more medical programs. We have already asked for help before from the UN with our laboratory and has helped us a lot. The UN has been helping out this case recently and we believe with an increased input in money, Ebola could be stopped before it enters more areas such as Hungary.

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  • Yun Kang

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