September 16, 2019
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When discussing the mass amounts of life’s misfortune that the Syrian Arab Republic has had to deal with throughout the last decade, it may be considered a grand pardon from the universe that the nation has remained unaffected by the Ebola Virus. The delegation of Syria believes that the main reasons the country has not been affected by the disease are general location and situational premises. 

Although the nation is relatively close to the continent of Africa and specifically Sudan, the closest discovered case of Ebola to Syria, it can be reasoned that the Middle East has not been struck with this illness because of far proximity. Additionally, it is noted that most of the cases of the Ebola Virus reported outside of Africa have been from doctors assisting the medics in affected areas and then going back to their home countries.


Because of the nation’s preoccupation in a civil war, it can most likely be attributed that Syria has not received an outbreak of the disease because the vast majority of its doctors have not been able or wanted to travel to countries in Africa dealing with Ebola outbreaks because of the medical attention necessary at home. Continuing, the Syrian Arab Republic has yet to be struck by Ebola, and would look favorably upon keeping it that way. The highest level of action the nation could possibly take at this time are things such as prohibiting air travel to African countries drastically hit by the virus or vice versa, to ensure the safety of the Syrian people. 

  • Luna Samman

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