September 16, 2019
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Hungary believes that child nutrition is an important issue that impacts many countries. With the malnutrition of kids, we do not have a future in this world. Our country has recently wanted an increase in our country. The problem does affect many countries and we believe it is an issue to be dealt with. 

Our country has been dealing with increasing our population. We have recently implemented many laws to provide benefits for people who have more children. In our schools, we work to feed them well and our number one goal is to help their nutrition. The support of their nutrition is unanimous as 97% of our policies deal with their nutrition. We believe with better funding towards children will lead to the children being better for our future.

The delegation of Hungary believes that we could maybe provide incentives for implementing any type of support for the children’s nutrition. The UN could also have more policies on food waste or any type of way to bring food funding for other impoverished countries up.

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  • Yun Kang