September 16, 2019
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The world is a cruel place. Many countries including Saudi Arabia treat foreigners and people with different ethnic backgrounds quite cruelly. There are over 6.4 million foreigners currently living in Saudi Arabia. These people experience overwork, physical abuse, rape, imprisonment and wage theft and these people are not protected under the law. This discrimination has become a major threat to global peace and security. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly and no human should face any sort of persecution or be treated unfairly because of their ethnic background.


Saudi Arabia currently experiences a lot of racism and religious discrimination. In recent years it has gotten out of hand with the torturing and deaths of many foreigners and people of different skin color. The delegation of Saudi Arabia believes that the western worlds hatred and disagreements with the many Arabic countries has caused fear and attacks in our own country. It is most definitely a problem though and world leaders must address this issue. 


In the past Saudi Arabia has worked to prevent racism by reinforcing in citizens minds that one of the main messages of the Quran states that racism and discrimination of any kind is not acceptable and is prohibited. Secondly, the government of Saudi Arabia has also rarified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and many other conventions that address and prevent this discrimination. Currently, the government of Saudi Arabia is looking into plans to criminalize religious hatred and racism.


The delegation of Saudi Arabia proposes that we move ahead to encourage countries to promote laws that criminalize religious hatred and racism. These proposed laws would prohibit the formation of organizations that racially discriminate and they would also prohibit attacks on places of worship, insulting religions and abusing religious sanctities. Additionally, these laws would criminalize and restrict sermons that preached against other religions. Furthermore, the delegations of Saudi Arabia condemns all attacks and all discrimination against any group. The delegation of Saudi Arabia believes It is the only way to ensure public unity and safety. 

  • George Perakis