September 16, 2019
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Hrudy Peela

Saudi Arabia


Eradication of Poverty

Over 2 million residents in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia live on 17$ or less a day. As much as Saudi Arabia has the 10th lowest poverty rate in the world and the lowest amongst Middle Eastern nations, the nation is striving to make that number of people below the poverty line lower in the country and around the world. Many programs are being put into place by the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman aiming to halve the poverty and unemployment rate in the country by 2030.

The Vision 2030 plan is a huge contributor to boosting the economy and reducing poverty. The Vision 2030 plan was originally implemented by the government of Saudi Arabia to tackle the slight increase in unemployment in recent years. The plan has later evolved to include plans to refocus the economy into other sectors creating more jobs, while minimizing the nation’s dependence on oil. The government has also recently removed bans on many other industries such as movies to help these other industries grow. Recently many restrictions imposed on women have been removed allowing women to work and provide for the economy and their families. A main factor in helping people get out of poverty is giving them an education, King Salman bin Abdulaziz approved a $21.33 billion plan to construct over 1500 schools and to train 25000 teachers. As part of the plan, the government has also decided to invest in NGOs to prevent the spread of poverty worldwide. 

The government has received funding from the World Bank to help with the program greatly. Also while working on itself, Saudi Arabia is providing aid to many other countries and donating to many NGO’s. Working together, we can help eradicate poverty around the world step by step.

  • Hrudy Peela

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