September 16, 2019
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Private Military Contractors

Regarding the controversy around PMC’s, The United States would like to stress the importance of intent vs. action. Private Military Contractors are absolutely a positive part of the UN, and should continue to be employed as they help millions. It is important to consider the options. We can get rid of PMC’s, or we can take measures to ensure that they are qualified and trained to be in that position. It is important to teach these people not only their military duties, but their duties as humans. They are to protect, not abuse. We believe that utilizing background checks, rigorous training and education, and other precautions to prevent the wrong people from coming into a position such as a PMC. The UN should carefully consider the roles that PMC’s fill as well. It is important to note that they are people too, and perhaps are not emotionally prepared for the tasks with which they are presented. It is for this reason that the US believes in increasing training, as well as stressing the importance of discussing mental health.

  • Elise Kennedy

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