September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee 

Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade

Sri Lanka

Rohan Kolli

Troy High School


Fellow Delegates and esteemed Chair, the trade of illicit arms (SA/LW) and light arms continues to stand as a major obstacle to the chances of having world peace. Illicit arms have been the center of multiple conflicts that have caused too many casualties. Though the weapons are small, the cost is extremely high. Sources claim that about a thousand people die each day due to use of these weapons and over a hundred thousand people lose their lives every year. Such small yet deadly weapons can be bought for just a hundred US dollars, just 100$ can cause so many casualties. This proves that small arms must be under control.


The delegation of Sri Lanka has been one of the few nations, taking action against this problem partially due to the fact that it has experienced the destruction that illicit arms trade and use can cause. The 26 years of conflict that was waged on Sri Lankan land due to small arms being easily obtainable has made it necessary to keep such weapons under control. The Delegation of Sri Lanka believes that a gun is practically useless until it is fed with bullets, the first solution that the delegation would like to present is to control stockpiles of ammo efficiently to effectively put an end to small arms use. If every country were to use this method, it would certainly be proven effective.


Another effective solution to combat small arms use is to destroy existing arms and to reduce the manufacturing of said weapons. This solution would easily reduce the use of small arms significantly however it would be imperative to control the illegal markets that continue to sell these weapons.

  • Rohan Kolli

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