September 16, 2019
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Sri Lanka 

Rohan Kolli

Private Military contractors

Troy High School



In this day and age, we rely more heavily on Private military contractors than ever before, Private Military contractors have existed since the Cold War. In the 90’s armies outnumbered PMCs by 50:1 but now its only 10:1 in only 20 years, at this rate, PMCs may grow as large as the armies themselves. These PMCs are hired by nations as security for the nation. Many PMCs are responsible for horrible acts of war such as killing innocent civilians, sexual assaults, and much more. Take the Nisour square massacre for example when 17 iraqi civilians were killed by a PMC. This goes to prove why PMCs are another obstacle to world peace as they disrupt many regions across the globe. 

A possible solution that could help solve this issue is not to ban PMCs but instead to make sure that a nation’s own military is being used for its own purposes however it can still be used for protecting delegates travelling the globe for various affairs as keeping them in undeveloped countries can have its setbacks such as abuse of civilians. This shows why it is necessary to regulate the use of PMCs very strongly. If every country were to take appropriate measures to regulate PMCs, the effectiveness of the PMCs would be much higher.




  • Rohan Kolli