September 16, 2019
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            Military contractors have been increasingly useful all of the world. This multi billion dollar industry is involved in almost all countries. Syria has an estimated 4,000 PMC personnel making it a large part of this industry. Syria’s main PMC personnel is from a group called Wagner. Wagner Group is affiliated with the Russian Military that has been fighting on the side of the Syrian government to fight rebels and terrorist groups. Wagner group was also involved in the Syrian Civil War that took place only a few years ago. Syria is angered by the United States and their recent action that concluded in the killing of 200 Russian Wagner Group troops. Military contractors are not being supported in the way they should, Syria believes that these Military contractors help countries fighting off internal and external war. PMC allows countries to help gain stability within government power and help conquer problems internally. Syria also believes that these PMC act as a threat towards rebels from doing destruction. Syria also likes to state that information of the conflict between the United States of America and Syria was not properly broadcasted because lack of news source going around.


            The country of Syria believes that countries such as Ecuador should be allowed these extra forces. Syria would like to mention that there are reports of these PMC soldiers being a little extra in their actions towards prisoners, actions such as torture, abuse, sexual assault, etc. Syria would not oppose a rule that would apply to the foreign soldiers that helped prevent these actions from happening. Seeing that Russia seems to be a main provider in the country of Syria, Syria would look favorably to working out a solution that can encourage and continue PMC use but also limit any issues that arise with it. Once again, Syria believes in its fellow Military contractor “ Wagner Group” and will continue to endorse the act of PMCs to be able to exist and take action when needed to help out government officials.

  • Brandon Chabay

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