September 16, 2019
 In 2019-Abuse by Peacekeepers, mud1


Due to the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi Libya has plunged into a state of disaster, with civil war and bursts of growth in between. Many Libyans have lost their homes and daily live necessities like water, food and electricity. Most of the population is also internally displaced due to this massive issue. Both the groups, the islamists and the Libyans have tried to conceal their want for war but this has never worked out due the pursuits of both the groups at each other. The government of Libya is in crisis as well due to the split and the disagreements between the political leaders. The GNC initially allied the moderates of Libya with the Islamists, but they could never agree with each other but were put on cease fire on 2015. But that cease fire was broken and a second civil war had started. The Libyan government does not have the resources or power to sop this, so they require support of other countries.


Sri Lanka used to be a major supporter of Mummar Gaddafi’s work and were very close friends with him. Due to his assassination, the Sri Lankan Government was enraged and wanted the reasons for the assassination. Sri Lanka thought of this action as unnecessary. The country decided to capture multiple Libyan rebel force leaders and execute them due to their evil deeds. They also wanted to show the Islamist their hatred for them.


To solve this major issue, the delegation of Sri Lanka would like to us military force to solve the problem with the two groups. We would like the help of military forces to place soldiers in Libya Yao control the Islamist group and the actions they are taking. Sri Lanka can also recommend the country a 3 year cease fire in which both sides could have a convention to discuss their problems and come up with a solution in the 3 year time frame. We would have representatives from other countries there to recommend ways to solve this issue as a source of information.

  • Arya Prasad

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