September 16, 2019
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Rachel Kozlowski

Country: Hungary

Topic: Libya

The current crisis in Libya, a North African country, began with the civil war and fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. A second civil war erupted in 2014, and there has yet to be a significant period of political stability in the country since. LIbya is of special interest to many countries due to it being Africa’s largest proven oil reserve. The official government, the GNA, is recognized by the United Nations but is split into rival armed factions and only controls a small portion of the state. Without a unified government, military groups commit atrocities throughout the country, thousands of refugees flee into Europe, and the Libyan public is left in turmoil and danger.

Currently, Hungary is working with Libya to provide health treatment to the people of Libya. The European Union is heavily affected by the issues in Libya, and the refugee crisis has left many leaders concerned over the safety of their borders. Without proper border security in Libya, terrorist groups and people smuggling will continue to endanger the population. 


The delegation of Hungary believes the European Union should first focus on securing the protection of the EU’s external borders to solve the refugee crisis. Hungary’s Prime Minister has proposed the development of a city on the Libyan coast for refugees to safely seek asylum. In addition to this, Hungary seeks to secure the Southern border of Libya to combat the illegal immigration and people smuggling that continues to pose a threat to Europe.

  • Rachel Kozlowski