September 16, 2019
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Angela Xu

Troy High School

     The Commonwealth of Australia expresses deep concern over the frequently expanding trade of illegal drugs, of which has posed a growing threat to the well being of our nation. More than 40% of Australia’s population over the age of 14 has used illicit drugs at least once, a third of which use them more than once a year. 1The influence of drugs stretches far and wide: the 3 million individuals in Australia who use them not only pose a huge risk to their health, but also to the wellness of their families, communities, and countries. While the international community has made significant progress in combating the international drug trade, the establishment of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2 and the International Drug Control Program, along with the efforts of many nations, has not been nearly enough to combat this continuously growing problem. The lack of regulation in regards to the international trade of illicit drugs and the high demand for drugs has been responsible for 250,000 annual deaths around the globe. 3 In order to put a halt to this number, an international approach to regulating the trade and use of illicit drugs is needed. Australia hopes to base an international solution on its National Drug Strategy, a ten year plan established by the national government in 2017, which emphasizes long term solutions in combating this issue. This plan is designed to create a balanced approach in combating drug use with three initiatives: supply reduction, demand reduction, and harm reduction. 4 The delegation of Australia hopes to lead the international community in fighting drug use by implementing aspects of its National Drug Strategy on a global scale. We express our concerns about the lack of regulation on production and distribution of drugs and a need for a reduction in demand. To reduce supply, Australia urges member states to enact stricter regulations and border control, along with coordination with intelligence and enforcement agencies. In order to reduce demand, we advocate for the coordination between health and law enforcement branches in order to spread awareness, implement policies, and provide facilities. 4 On a domestic scale, Australia emphasizes the importance of availability of resources for the prevention of drug abuse, and for the treatment of individuals recovering from drug-related problems. The increase of government-funded treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers in Australia have made a huge difference in the quality of life for those recovering from the misuse and addiction of drugs. Australia’s Local Drug Action Team Program has successfully established 244 teams across the country that work with local communities to spread awareness and to minimize risks of drug use. 5 Due to the positive outcomes these programs have had in our country, our delegation hopes to implement programs similar to these globally. 

  • Angela Xu

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