September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Country: Pakistan
Delegate Name: Teague Ott

Climate change has been a problem for the entire planet for generations as well as infectious diseases. Infectious diseases have been changing constantly and sometimes they have viral mutations due to global warming. Diseases like Encephalitis and Malaria, have spread throughout countries due to global warming and climate change heating up the planet. Pakistan feels that climate change and infectious diseases are a very important problem that needs to be fixed. Climate change has melted glaciers and created droughts for Pakistan. As a developing country, Pakistan feels that climate change and infectious diseases are a serious problem and needs to be fixed.
Pakistan has established a policy in 2012 making a climate change council. The goal of this was to prepare and supervise the implementation of projects to help Pakistan adapt to climate impacts. At the current time, Pakistan has not passed any mandates or laws regarding infectious diseases. The policy established in 2012 has helped Pakistan prepare for climate changes in the atmosphere for the past few years. This policy has done little to nothing to help Pakistan since it is rated one of the top 5 most affected countries by climate change and diseases. Pakistan has had a steady climate change over the past 50 years along with the rise of diseases like covid 19. The United Nations feels that climate change and infectious diseases are a very important problem. considering that because of human activities, temperatures have risen on the planet 1.1 C. so far, the UN has put in a 10-year climate change plan to reduce the costs of greenhouse gases which currently has not affected Pakistan at this moment.
Pakistan is one of the most affected by global warming on the planet, but it has a plan of action. Pakistan is planning the ten billion tree tsunami program. The TBTTP is a plan set out to plant 10 billion trees by 2023. In the case of infectious diseases, Pakistan’s plan to deal with the disease is to limit travel and initiate a mandatory lockdown to minimize civilians being at risk of sickness or death. Pakistan is a very vulnerable country to diseases and climate change. However, due to its policies and precautions put into place, Pakistan will be able to counter climate change and save its country from a climate catastrophe.

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