September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: France
Delegate Name: Jane Swartz

The situation in Afghanistan becomes increasingly volatile with every passing day, as the Taliban are not holding up their early commitment to a representative and inclusive government. Since the withdrawal of coalition forces, the nation has crumbled, leaving a weak government and continuous conflict. This situation has always been dangerous for citizens but is becoming even more so with the countries neighboring Afghanistan closing their borders to refugees. It is clear that despite promises, the Taliban has not been able to establish any security, economic or otherwise, in the country nor has it been able to provide any humanitarian support for citizens.

As recent as November 20th, 2021, France has taken several actions regarding the ever-changing situation in Afghanistan. The India-France Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism met recently and discussed the concerted action that needs to take place ensuring that Afghanistan and territories around it have the systems necessary to prosecute terrorist actors (“India, France discuss Afghanistan, threats…,” 2021). Additionally, France has pledged to have no relation with the current Taliban government further than technical talks on the withdrawal of nationals and refugees and has since closed the embassy in Kabul, although there is still an Afghanistan embassy in Paris.

The Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian addressed this publicly in September, stating “France refuses to recognize or have any type of relationship with this government. We want actions from the Taliban and they will need some economic breathing space and international relations. It’s up to them” (“The Taliban are lying, France’s…,” 2021). France believes that it is imperative that UNSC Resolution 2593 (2021), which France voted for in the affirmative, must be followed through on with additional humanitarian support provided to Afghan citizens (“Adopting resolution 2593 (2021), Security Council condemns deadly attacks…,” 2021). Additionally, the establishment of a strong transitional government that can meet the needs of all citizens is required to maintain security in Afghanistan, and this cannot be done without guidance and assistance from other nations.

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