September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Tigray

Country: Ireland
Delegate Name: Devan Varma

The situation in Tigray is dire, and it has only gotten worse as time progresses. Neither the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) nor the Ethiopian government show any signs of relenting or negotiating for peace, which has only yielded more unfortunate consequences for the people of Tigray, who have been forced to flee amidst the conflict. Those people are having an increasingly difficult time finding a home, as the neighboring countries of Sudan and Eritrea have been largely unsympathetic to their plight. In addition, attempts to send relief aid have been thwarted, as over 400 aid trucks have gone missing, and neither the TPLF nor the Ethiopian Government have admitted to stopping them. It is clear that the United Nations must take action to solve this situation before it becomes any worse.

At the UN, Ireland has advocated for raising the broader conflict in Ethiopia to an international level, but Ethiopia insists that the conflict is being dealt with internally. Clearly, this isn’t the case, as Ethiopian refugees have been without aid and without a home since the conflict began to emerge. In recognition of this, Ireland has joined others in calling for a ceasefire between the TPLF and the Ethiopian government, and requested that Humanitarian aid be administered without blockage within the region. Ireland has been consistent in our attempts to solve the situation in Tigray, but we have been met with significant resistance on part of the Ethiopian government.

Nevertheless, Ireland remains committed to solving the situation in Tigray. We want to ensure that the citizens of Tigray are safe, and that relief and aid will be provided to them without interruption. We also want to ensure that Tigray’s citizens are staying safe. In an official statement, Irish Diplomats expressed: “deep concern about allegations of human rights violations and abuses, including reports of sexual violence against women and girls in the Tigray region, and called for investigations to find those responsible and bring them to justice.” We will continue this promise in the near future, and we pledge our support to ensure that Tigray’s citizens are well supplied and protected.

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