September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Autonomous Weapon Systems

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Eva Schwark

The Russian Federation is becoming increasingly advanced in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, which carries over to the battlefield. The Russian Federation will continue to develop these technologies as one of the world leaders in weaponizing AI. As technology advances, the Russian Federation believes that the fusion of artificial intelligence and war is inevitable, and that instead of imposing a ban on autonomous weapons, we should prepare ourselves for the future and what is to come. The Russian military seeks to be a leader in using AI technology in warfare in the form of autonomous weapon systems. A report titled “Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia” [1] identifies over 150 military systems employing AI technologies. Also, the Military Industrial Committee plans for 30% of Russia’s military combat power to come from AI enabled robotic weaponry. This stated, the Russian Federation fully backs the use of autonomous weaponry and will oppose any attempts to ban militarizing AI technologies.
Advancements in autonomous weaponry are challenging global standards in warfare as they develop and grow in popularity. These technologies open up new opportunities for military use as well as increasing the threat posed by countries employing them. Advanced AI weaponry is already being used in the war zone, although it has not yet become mainstream. The development of AI technology is only beginning to emerge in many nations, and others refuse to use it entirely. The use of autonomous weapons has raised concern in developing nations, as new means of defense will be necessary to combat attacks. Not only third-world nations are concerned, however, because every country should take into consideration what autonomous warfare would mean for them as individuals. Concerns surrounding the AI race are common, and artificial intelligence will likely continue to be a controversial topic. Within the near future, the Russian Federation seeks to reason with or combat these beliefs and some of the misconceptions surrounding AI. [1]