September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Forced Labour

Topic: 2024-Forced Labour
Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Michael Briggs

Michael Briggs
The Federation of Russia
Bay City Central High School
International Labour Organization

In the topic of forced labor in Russia, we will address the issue of illegal human-trafficking as the use of slave labor, and how to prevent it with investigation from Russian officers. Additionally, we will address legal use of forced labor when brought upon those who did not conduct an action that deserved such a response as being forced into physical work.

By funding our police and investigation force, we will more easily discover individuals who were/are illegally trafficking humans in order to be used for forced slave labor. Investigation is the most viable option in order to slow-down or prevent cases of human trafficking and forced slave labor through that. Of course, Russia has also seen to it that we will not force any innocent persons into situations that might force them into a hard-working labor-inducing activity even though they did nothing to justify putting them there. However, to address the possibility of economic hardship through losing a large amount of labor force, The Russian Federation believes it would be in our best interest to perhaps replace our loss or labor force with that of prison labor. While many may see this as unethical, The Russian State believes it could be beneficial to push prison labor more, as many put into custody, had committed atrocities that landed them into that situation, and therefore the object of prison labor may be seen as earned.

The state believes not only would this benefit Russia, but many other countries that cannot so easily remove their labor force due to the ethical questioning of the persons put into work. By pushing prison labor, it will not only give financial benefits to the countries (given that it would cost them little to no financial resources), but bring in more valuable resources and materials without pushing ethical boundaries. Of course, with the money that would be brought in, part of it could be funded towards the police force, which could increase the effectiveness of investigations into the ongoing problem of illegal slave labor through the action of human-trafficking.

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