September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Right to Organize

Topic: 2024-Right to Organize
Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Michael Briggs

Michael Briggs
The Federation of Russia
Bay City Central High School
International Labour Organization

In the topic of the right to organize within Russia, we will address our lack of sympathy to the Trade Unions that are formed from the want of the workers to protect their interests, and that we do not believe that these Unions are effective in seeing through the wishes and demands of the workers, and that they should be phased out by the Russian state.

Domestically, the Russian state has observed that the trade movements and labor movements have proven ineffective. While legally we allow workers to strike, and form Trade Unions in order to protect their interests, raise their wages, improve working conditions, and meet other demands, these issues are outside control of the Russian state, therefore are not our concern. We also believe that these Trade Unions are rather ineffective in solving the issues the union of workers have. Often they can waste time, money, and cause disputes that should be avoided. Due to this, the Russian state shall express its lack of sympathy due to these glaring issues, and therefore wish to phase out the legal right for workers to organize trade unions and strike.

As to find a solution to end the dispute for the Right to Organize, Russia believes that all countries should strive to phase out the legal rights of workers striking, forming Trade Unions, and attempting to protect their interests. While it is understandable that many may see this as extreme and unethical, the Russian state believes that organizing these union disputes can often waste valuable time and resources, including money. As the only countries with these disputes are those with free trade and a capitalistic economy or view, the states cannot end or intervene in the quarries of private companies. Because of this, these disputes can often cost the state time and money, which is a line that should not be crossed. Therefore, the Russian Federation believes that the organization of unions should be made illegal by the state as to end the problems these could cause for it.