September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Balancing Human Rights

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights
Country: Russian Federation (UNSC)
Delegate Name: Asher Neville

Russia stands firmly against terrorism and believes UN planning to address this issue is necessary for the safety of the world. Some tactics that Russia has employed to make internal functions better, include more surveillance and restricting limitations on certain groups. This has allowed for Russia to decrease the amount of terrorist attacks that have happened by large amounts compared to years before 2021.

In Russia there is little coordination with humanitarian groups. With the rates of internal terrorism being down it has been less of a concern for our country. If issues of infringement arise relating to human rights, the government will look into those issues and address them directly. Bill No.1165661-7 makes the charging and convicting of those who are affiliated distrustful organizations much more simple. This allows for the government to just take action regarding individuals who are related to these untrustworthy organizations.

Russia has seen major improvements in the case of terrorism which has allowed better gauging of how well our policies and technologies are working. With improved surveillance, identifying terrorists and stopping them in their tracks has become much more effective. As for limiting certain groups, Bill No.1165650-7 amends the law on mistrustful organizations. It also sets a stricter system on finances for organizations who receive money from persons who have been labeled as foreign entities. This allows Russia to control more of what comes in and out in the country.