September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Finland
Delegate Name: Brady Falardeau

When it comes to hosting the Olympic Games, cities and countries argue and decide which of them gets the honor 7 years in advance. Once decided, it is an extreme honor to be a host city; causing the cities and their countries to spend Millions and sometimes even Billions of dollars on renovating the cities to make them suitable for the Olympics. The investment is seen as a great thing for the host city, it brings major attention to the city and country; this causes an increase in tourism and economic prosperity before they even start the building process. The Olympics itself brings a tremendous number of tourists and money going into local businesses. Once the Olympics are gone tourism stays more popular than before and the world holds the city/county in higher regard.
Currently, the country of Finland is bidding for the city of Salla to host the 2032 Olympics; they are bidding so they can spread a message about climate change and the effects it has on Finland and Salla. This campaign is being supported by Fridays for Future, a youth-led environmental movement that was set up by Greta Thunberg. Finland sees this as a good way to get a worthy cause a significant amount of support and a free press. Finland also currently, still takes care of the infrastructure built for the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki; which shows their want to keep the negative effects to a minimum.
Finland has done a lot with and for the Olympics especially the presence of Finland’s athletes in every Olympics since 1908. Finland also hosted the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki and was scheduled to host the 1940 games, but they were canceled due to the breakout of WWII. Although Finland has more summer medals than winter, their athletes do best in the winter Olympics.

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