September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: Finland
Delegate Name: Brady Falardeau

The safety and health of athletes, no matter what level they may be at, is always one of the most important factors. In the Olympics it is even more important and complicated; the athletes travel from all around the world to a complex with people from every inhabited continent, athletes must also live out of the complex for the duration of the games; causing higher chances of exposure to diseases and/or other potential risks. The Olympics also must keep athletes safe during training and competition times from dehydration, muscle damage, broken limbs, etc. The International Olympic Committee puts both a healthy body and mind at the center of its planning and the functional activities of its games.
Currently, Finland has their athletes trained at the Pajulahti Sports Institute which is the official Finnish National Olympic Training Center. It has been open since 1926 and has been the official training center since 2015. Pajulahti offers sports education, training facilities, conference and meeting facilities as well as fitness and wellness services. Also, Pajulahti, being a large facility surrounded by nature, teaches both indoor and outdoor sports. This proper government-run training program lets the government keep a closer eye on the well-being and the progress of the athletes who are enrolled there, Finland also holds equality to a higher standard than most countries including when it comes to sports. Finland also gives a lot of recognition to the Paralympics (the Olympic Games designed for athletes with physical disabilities).
Finland in the Past has sent athletes to every winter and summer Olympics and has had a total of 480 medals earned by Finnish athletes. Finland subsidizes the training of its athletes to ensure they are trained properly. Before 2015 Finland didn’t have an official training site but did have a lot of places for the athletes to train on their own.

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