September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Ireland
Delegate Name: Logan Wallace

The opioid crisis has had a significant impact on our global climate. Ireland as a whole has felt the effects of this epidemic. With opioids coming across borders and over pharmaceutical counters It is a constant uphill battle. Higher population areas in Ireland have seen higher opioid use as is the same with most of the world. With most of those using being older males, Ireland sees a clear trend in opioid deaths.

Ireland recognizes that the opioid crisis is not just a drug-related problem but also a mental health issue and that the two go hand in hand. The most common type of deliberate self-harm is drug abuse. This disproportionately affects women as compared to men with 72 percent of drug overdoses being women as opposed to 59 percent being men.

So far Ireland has used detoxification therapy to help lessen the grip that opioids have had on Its citizens. This has proven to lead to abstinence from opioids for the majority of people enrolled in the program. Ireland is ready to do what it can to help other countries with this crisis. It has always taken its membership in the UN seriously and remains committed to its promise to promote social and economic development as outlined by the UN charter.

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