September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Finland
Delegate Name: Asher Neville

Host cities go through a lot to make sure that the olympic games run smoothly and comfortably for all of their guests. The economy of the host city takes a very hard hit though. Debts skyrocket as the price of housing increases dramatically, and citizens of the host cities struggle to live normally. Although a large amount of attention is brought to markets in these areas, the massive amount of people and demand for goods typically outweighs the possibility of economic growth.

Finland has hosted the olympics before, so the effects of hosting have been felt and they stand with the fact that hosting needs to be changed drastically. One idea that has been present with Finland along with many other figures in the IOC is host cities using already existing infrastructure instead of new areas that will only be used a few times and put the city into debts. This idea goes hand in hand with conserving the environment in host cities, as olympic seasons bring about lots of travel and people to one location. Also, changes to conditions in these host cities are necessary. With the influx of people, travel is much more difficult and people usually cannot find comfortable living in the city making the overall experience worse. Finland believes taking more responsibility is important for all host cities, taking ethics and safety into account above else, which could mean spreading the games across a broader area or making the time of the olympics generally shorter. Changes need to be made regardless, for the people and the environment, and Finland is very likely to support any venture for these changes.

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