September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Ireland
Delegate Name: Zoe Piotrowski

Around the world, the opioid crisis has consumed millions of people, some resulting in death. The consumption of opioids increased in the 20th century as a prescription for relieving pain. Unfortunately, this class of drugs was highly addictive and caused more negative aspects than good. With the spread of addiction to opioids came an increase in drug trafficking. Ireland has seen and is devastated by the results of this trafficking.

Ireland understands that addiction isn’t necessarily something people can control. Addiction is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored. People are suffering and making sure the people are getting the right treatment without repeating the same mistakes is first priority.

Ireland has been working to create a safe and sustainable program for their citizens to experience sobriety and help. If the people were given the help they needed, opioid drug trafficking would decrease. The first step to solving this problem is making sure the people are getting guidance. Ireland is ready to promote and provide social stability to other countries in hopes this devastating issue will resolve.

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