September 16, 2019
 In Radicalization & Violent Extremism in Prisons

Country: Ireland
Delegate Name: Zoe Piotrowski

Violent extremism has no clear definition, as it is a diverse phenomenon. No country is safe or protected from the negative impacts of violent extremism. Violent extremism undermines the efforts of creating a safe and peaceful development which is what the United Nations strives for. Ireland recognises that this has become a serious issue, and is working to resolve the conflict.

Properly managing violent extremist prisoners would further decrease the acts of misconduct in prison systems. Having basic items such as food, clean water, and sanitary products would give these prisoners the human respect and dignity each person deserves. Poor living conditions could increase the amount of violence in prisons which further hurts our problem.

Ireland has been working to provide accurate and good quality information regarding extremism in prisons. The United Nations and Ireland have a common goal which is to maintain and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms. With prisoners having access to information besides what they already know, this can prevent them from becoming part of the radicalized population.

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