September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Andrew Gerrits

Military spending has been a hot-button issue since the end of the Second World War, with the UN making efforts to prevent spending. In spite of this, more money is being spent on nations’ military than ever before. Arguments have been made that military budgets have an inverse impact on a nation’s economy, which is the core reason the UN has made efforts to reduce military spending, but this is often not true.

Turkey is in one of the most volatile and dangerous places on earth and defense is a key sector in order to keep the country safe. This is why Turkey has increased military spending by 150% for the next year. The argument that increasing military spending hurts the home front is also flawed; Turkey has increased the GDP per capita by 158% over the last several years while raising defense spending. Turkey is also in several conflicts and a strong military is essential for national security. When a country is in a situation such as Turkey’s, reduction of military spending is not only nonsensical but also has little inverse impact on domestic issues. Turkey’s economic problems are separate from military spending. This is why a reduction of military budgets can only negatively impact Turkey. It is essential that this point is not misconstrued. Turkey is in a situation where defense spending is of the utmost importance, other wealthy countries that are not in treacherous situations such as the US must reduce military spending and focus on their rampant domestic issues. Turkey must keep their military strong.

Turkey and other countries are in situations where the military is a primary priority, and are still able to keep the country prosperous, and there are other countries that continue to spend without regard to their domestic issues. This is why the best solution to rising military spending is to create a committee to redistribute funds to build an international community. This would be achieved by all countries reducing or halting military spending, and then having countries who have no reason to spend use a portion of the funds to help countries whose military is of utmost importance to their sovereignty. This would stop the problem of countries spending without care for their domestic front as well as help support countries that need a strong military.

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